The Main Details of SAT Essay Writing

SAT Essay Writing Guide

Many colleges require the SAT essay writing as an assignment where you have to analyze a text (usually its length is about 650-700 words). Use our effective SAT essay writing tips to fulfill this task perfectly and show the college you have got great writing, analysis, and reading skills. You will find useful SAT essay writing prompts and tips for writing the SAT essay that will help you to make a perfect manuscript without stress. 

What Is the SAT Essay?

Here is what you will have to do with this task:

  • Read a text.
  • Define how the writer uses and builds their arguments to persuade readers.
  • Support your writing using evidence from the text.

In general, this may sound easy but many students feel that it’s difficult for them to complete this task successfully. 

And, here are some new requirements for writing the SAT essay:

  • In general, this is an optional piece of writing but some schools may require it. For example, if you are not planning to write this paper but you have excellent writing and reading skills, a school may require completing this task.
  • Now you will have 50 minutes to create your document. Earlier, schools were given students 25 minutes less, so now you have got more time for successful writing.
  • You can write as you prefer without forcing to agree or disagree with the author of the piece of writing. It’s your choice to make your decision and support it with good evidence. 

Why Do You Need to Write a SAT Essay?

The main goal of this writing is to see how the student understands the text and uses it for a written discussion. Your paper will be checked in these categories:

  • Reading. A good SAT essay shows that a student understood the text from the author, including all the important details. It also shows that a student can use textual evidence effectively.
  • Analysis. If your essay is created on a high level, it means you understand how the author uses and builds their arguments in the text. It means that you can examine this noticing various writing techniques the author uses. Plus, you support your claims with good evidence taken from the text.  
  • Writing. Needless to say that for writing a good SAT essay, you have to choose a particular style, organize your paper well, and focus your writing precisely. 

In each of these categories, you can score from 1 to 4 points. Of course, the highest score you get, the better! 

SAT Essay Writing Prompts

We will show a question that will be in every SAT essay without exception. Only the section with a text you will have to analyze is changeable. Read the prompt to understand what you will have to do. This will help to save your time and be prepared to create a successful paper. 

Here is a prompt version:

Read the text below carefully and define how the writer uses evidence like examples or facts, to support their claims in the piece of writing.


  • Examples and facts used as evidence to support the argument.
  • Developing ideas and connections between evidence and claims.
  • Elements of persuading like emotion or word choice to make the writing stronger and express ideas more clearly.


Create a paper where you need to explain which things the writer uses to build their argument to persuade the readers. In the essay, please make a detailed analysis of the features listed above. Make sure your paper is concentrated on the relevant features of the given text. Take into consideration your document must explain what the author does to persuade their readers but not to write about if you agree with claims written in the text or not.  

As we already said above, only the text is different but the prompt is always the same. Here are more details that will be helpful for your writing. Remember that all the texts for the SAT essay writing usually have these things:

  • They are created for various readers
  • They are arguable
  • In these texts, the author expresses their view on a subject
  • You can find evidence that supports the author’s claims
  • Usually, these texts are about debates, ideas, sciences, arts, or politics and culture.
  • These pieces of texts are taken from articles that have been published.

We wish you good luck in creating a perfect paper after reading our new SAT essay writing tips.